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Yamaha FS1E SS

There FS1 was originally built as a five speed light motorbike, but the tough EU laws meant that a Europe specific model had to be introduce- hence the FS1-E or ‘Fizzy’. The FS1-E is a very well loved bike that was a big middle finger to

  • 1973
  • L Reg
  • 27530 Miles
  • 49cc
Yamaha RD350 LC

Condition: - Unrestored original example Frame: - All original paint Wheels: - All original paint Tyres: - Very good Rear suspension: - Good original, no leaks, good paint Front suspension: - Good chrome, no leaks, pitts Nuts and bolts: - Good all o

  • 1982
  • X Reg
  • 11756 Miles
  • 347cc
Yamaha RD250

Condition: An outstanding restoration in superb condition Frame: All new powder coated Wheels: New paint Tyres: As new Rear suspension: Good chrome, no leaks Front suspension:  Good chrome, polished lower legs Nuts and bolts:  All good and

  • 1980
  • V Reg
  • 34271 Miles
  • Classic
  • 247cc
Yamaha RD250 LC

Condition: All good; original condition.  Frame: All good paint.  Wheels: All good paint.  Tyres: New.  Rear suspension: All good; no leaks.   Front suspension: Good chrome. No chips or leaks.  Nuts and bolts: All good;

  • 1983
  • Y Reg
  • 11488 Miles
  • 249cc

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