Yamaha Fs1e Ss


Yamaha Fs1e Ss for sale in Sheffield

There FS1 was originally built as a five speed light motorbike, but the tough EU laws meant that a Europe specific model had to be introduce- hence the FS1-E or ‘Fizzy’. The FS1-E is a very well loved bike that was a big middle finger to the tightening legislation. It was designed specifically to drain every ounce of fun and power out of the allotted European laws that were encroaching. They even gave the FS1-E a set of pedals so it could be classed as a moped, and they worked despite being somewhat heavy and low geared.

What resulted was an instant classic adored by teens and new riders who wanted something with a bit of spirit, a bit of soul. And the Fizzy was a bit punk rock at it’s core, despite keeping the lawmakers happy.

The motor is a small but spritely 49cc 2-stroke motor, that pushed out 4.8bhp. That was plenty in such a light frame, and the 2-stroke motor found a fair amount of torque so the motor was very usable. It was capable of cruising at 45-50mph, and stopping was healthy despite having drums brakes front and rear. This example is in great working condition, with all original parts, spoked rims, and the classic gold and white paint.

Sadly enough- what killed the Fizzy off was yet more legislation. In the late 70s the last Fizzy rolled off the production lines. It’s an absolute shame since these are cracking bikes, and they were such a pivotal bike in many youngsters introduction to the bike world.

This is a 1973 model, and is the full-fat version with no government restrictions on speed. So this is a real opportunity to own not only a classic, but something as it was meant to be enjoyed. This would be perfect for anyone looking to recapture their youth, or introduce a new generation to the Fizzy before they disappear.

Now is Your Chance to Own a Bit of 2-Stroke History


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Gold, 49 cc, 1973 L Reg, 27,530 miles, £5,499.00.

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