Future Classic Japanese Motorcycles

POSTED: 05/04/2023

Future classic Japanese motorcycles are not always what they seem. So many speculators are trying to outwit the market and trying to guess which Japanese motorcycle will increase in value more than any other before it. Trying to outfox the market is the world of speculators and not the world of investors. Much money has poured into first year manufactured Honda Fireblades and they have not got the traction that other machines have enjoyed. Speculators are holding out in the hope that they will suddenly increase in value and make them rich overnight, it will happen eventually!

There are certain factors driving classic motorcycle investment prices. The world of motorcycle speculation usually results in tears and the world of motorcycle investment usually ends in great joy. Here we show you the future classic Japanese motorcycles that will be worthwhile. You may think that many have already become very expensive and cannot go up any more, but just sit tight, those values will increase and your investment will be safe. Below are a couple of future classic Japanese motorcycles.

Honda CB1100R

These are an under the radar classic Japanese motorcycle that will clearly offer great returns. The first year of production, CB1100RB, is the most desirable and finding any of these machines in investment grade condition is really quite a task. They were made in very small numbers to homologate for racing. When they were new owners threw the exhaust system and airbox away, in pursuit of more power. Many were raced, many were stolen, many were crashed and many ridden to destruction. These machines have lived in the shadow of the RC30 but they are a much rarer classic Japanese motorcycle. They have great racing pedigree with Ron Haslam having won British Superbike so emphatically. This is a rare Honda that will greatly increase in value.

Honda CBX1000

Investment grade examples are extremely difficult to find, especially in the UK. Most have been interfered with, many have powder coated frames, fork legs and brake callipers and this is just not acceptable. Nearly all of them have failing paint under the bodywork which will only degrade and become a very serious problem over time. Engine paint fails, carburettors can often cost £1,500 to resolve and engines can cost up to £10,000 to rebuild. They suffer from bent con rods, valves that snap and self-destructing cam chain tensioners. They don’t sound very good when I say all of that and they are risky to buy if you don’t know them inside and out. However, if they are dealt with by people who are very thorough, who can guarantee their work, then they are a safe bet to hit six figures in the coming years. Once set up correctly and with regular oil changes they are very reliable machines. All of the above problems come from lack of maintenance, or poorly carried out maintenance. This motorcycle is iconic and a joy to own and ride if you have the right one. This will be one of the best performing Japanese classic motorcycles. They are also great fun to own and ride.


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